Frontman Steven Troch got “contaminated” by Rhythm & Blues in his late teens. Over the years he has turned into a very fine harmonica player with an extra dose of originality, an accomplished vocalist and clever songwriter.

In 2016 Steven surrounded himself with a very talented & experienced bunch of musicians and the Steven Troch Band was born. Matt T Mahony is carrying the torch high, keeping one eye on tradition while pushing forward into newer areas.  Miss Liesbeth Sprangers keeps a steady pace on her powerhouse bass and drummer Dennis de Gier loves to groove and brews up a wide  variety of rock-solid rhythms like no other. 

In their music you will hear the mean menace of modern day life, the sweaty rhythms of the city, the blue notes of days gone by and lyrics that will paint a smile on your face. They are always walking a tightrope between High-Octane Swing, mellow Afterhours Blues and vintage feel-good R&B. Steven Troch Band is a solid four piece band that plays rough-edged contemporary Rhythm & Blues with soul-baring conviction.

Without any doubt " Steven Troch Band " is one of the finest bands playing some of the best contemporary and vintage style blues you will hear in Europe today.

Some highlights since 2016......Winter Blues, Moulin Blues Ospel (Nl), R&B Festival Antwerp, Brielle Blues (Nl) Kayserberg Festival (F), Topos Jazz & Blues Club (D), Duvel Blues, Bluesnight Bruges, Big Rivers Festival Dordrecht (Nl), Patersdreef Festival, Gentse Feesten, Kwadendamme Blues (Nl), Oetsloven Blues, Maanrock, 7 Nights to Blues (Fr), Breda Jazz Fest (Nl), Banana Peel , Missy Sippy Club, De Singer, Blues des Deux Rivières (F), Jazz en Nord (F), Blues aan Zee (Nl), Hookrock, B-Mine Blues, Yellow Time Festival, Bielefelder Jazzclub (D), More Festival, Brussels Jazz Marathon, Festiblues (F), Wageningen XXL Club (Nl), Swing Festival, Bay Car Blues (F), Midsummer Blues (Nl), Blue Brunch (D), Keeping the Blues Alive (Nl), EBC Malmö (S)